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    The Game Grumps's Arin & Danny's LIVE VIDEO AMA

    Danny & Arin of The Game Grumps are doing a LIVE video AMA on Reddit today at 3pm PST. If you're late to the party and want to see all their video responses, we're collecting them here. Have at it!

    "Who farts more in the Grump room?"

    "Do you guys ever get burned out when recording for the show?"

    "Will you guys be finishing Sonic '06?"

    "First off, Danny, what was it like for you when you first joined Game Grumps and everyone was like "Raaaah fuck the new guy"

    "How is Game Grumps compared to what you originally thought it was going to be? Did you expect it to get this big?"

    "What are your favorite foods to eat while grumpin’?"

    "Mega Ass Question"

    "How many Skittles and Pretzels are consumed in an average episode?"

    "Any chance of doing more Guest Grumps?"

    "Do you ever want to punch Ross?"

    "What was the decision process for bringing Dan in as "Not So Grump"? Were there any other people you considered for the role?"

    Shout out to Benedict Cumberbatch!

    Shout out to Tom Bergeron too! We made the front page of Reddit!

    "What was it like hitting record that very first time on GG? (Mostly for Danny)
    What is pre-recording Grumps like? (what do you guys do to get the grump on?)"

    "Do you think that it's reasonable for fans to expect you to play the game perfectly and complete levels the way they're intended to be played, or are they missing the bigger picture?"

    "Danny & Ego as an aspiring stand up comic/musical comedian what are some times and recommended paths to take in my journeys?"

    Oh what up, CumberBITCH? We passed you! (We actually really like his work).

    "How do you warm up your voice before singing / voice acting? As a second question, what are some things I can do to improve the flexibility and overall stamina of my voice?"

    "Seriously, why don't you drink alcohol?"

    "What would you suggest to get deeper into game design?"

    "Have you heard from any developers that they've seen a sales boost from your playing it?"

    "Are you going to play Pokemon X & Y?"

    "How's your day going for you guys?"

    "Danny, where do you do you get the girls for your NSP videos?"

    "What would each of you consider the absolute best moment of Game Grumps or Steam Train to date? Also, what are each of your favourite colours?"

    "How did you and Danny meet?"

    "Is there any one game you refuse to Grump?"

    "Do you have anything big you're working on?"

    "How do you guys not get sick of playing videogames all day?"

    "How do you like working with Polaris?"

    "Has Barry always been that awesome?

    "Have you ever got special treatment?"

    "Hey Danny, what is your biggest musical inspiration?"

    "What do you guys do to prepare for a recording session, and about how long do you record on average?"

    "I am cosplaying as you. Any tips?"

    "Any games you have that you loved when you were younger, but can’t stand now?"

    "How big of a role has /r/gamegrumps played in the success of your youtube channel? In what ways could /r/gamegrumps be improved, in your honest opinions?"

    "Did barry really beat Mario Sunshine's pachinco stage in one try?"

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