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    Arin and Danny Sexbang Starbomb AMA at 4pm on /r/IAMA

    Starbomb has arrived and Egoraptor (Arin) and Danny Sexbang are invading the /r/IAMA subreddit to A all your Q's at 4pm PST (7pm EST) today!

    Go to the reddit post to ask your questions! They will be answering comments with text and rocking some video responses! WOW! Yours might be picked! So COOOOL!

    We'll also be collecting all their video responses here in this forum post below. That way you can't miss any of them.

    And the general AMA rules:
    - Ask a questions once.
    - The Reddit post is where all your questions should go!. Not on Twitter. Not on the announcement video. Not via personal, handwritten letter. So don't post it elsewhere or it will be ignored which is a major bummer.
    - Have fun! We'll be moderating stuff on our side as always, so keep the dongles at a minimum.

    Starbomb's Video Responses

    Bo Burnham rap feud?

    New sweet NinjaSexParty Dance mooooves?

    More music videos for Starbomb?

    Which song(s) are you guys most proud of??

    What was Starbomb like behind the scenes?

    What were some other names before Starbomb?

    What was the toughest part about keeping StarBomb secret?

    Pizza Toppings?

    Have you ever sang in the past before Starbomb?

    Did voice acting help with rapping? Danny is a harmony genius!

    Who were the ladies behind Samus and Peach?

    What feedback from this album will you take to the next?

    How to not be awkward when meeting the grumps.

    What is your favorite star and bomb?

    How do you balance it all?

    Bo Burnham Apology =(

    What is the scar in your eyebrow from?

    How do you get inspired? Great advice time with Dan & Arin

    Any chances of an Endless Ocean inspired song featuring Hayley Westenra?

    How did you choose which games to parody? and D'awww Joshykins!

    Touring in the Future?

    Are the Tron costumes happening?

    Strange fan interactions?

    Were there any scrapped songs?

    How long did it take to animate Luigi's Ballad?

    All I wanted was for one of you to notice me!

    Any Starbomb remixes or acapellas?

    Who does the mixing/mastering for Starbomb?

    When did you realize you wanted to become a musician?

    Do you miss Florida?


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